the official can not be a demonstration of a multi-server?

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LoadBalancing applications are many, many players of the game.
Like a poker game
To make a blackjack game that requires a login server, you also need a game logic server, or need a database logical server. In Photon I can only achieve a solution.
To make another poker game, and do not want to re-realistic log on to the server, database the logic server also can reuse, just need to implement different game logic server.
Like this situation, the official can not be a demonstration of a multi-server?


  • There are two ways to get login + LoadBalancing:

    1. Have a distinct webservice or player management system where the user logs in and retrieves the data (the place where you hold all your persistant data). In this case you can use LoadBalancing as is basically and could even use Photon Cloud. such a login could even be facebook technically

    2. Modify the Master Server and integrate a database connection as well as a login operation to enable the client to login and verify it.
    You might additionally want to pass a session id to the user that the user then remembers upon reconnecting to the master server later on after finishing a game on the game server

    Out of the box, no there is no way to do that as Photon focuses on providing the scalable multiplayer service. It does not provide you with a persistence layer upon which login etc would build as those differ significantly from game to game depending on the games needs for persistence and the persistent storages behavior (if you checkout the latest photon server and photon cloud data sheets you will see a collection of potential options to facilitate login and persistence though)
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