Minimal firewall configuration

Hi everyone.

I am planning to deploy Unity (Mac/Windows/Linux) with PUN inside a corporate network with a very restrictive firewall policy.

In order to open up the necessary ports, we I need to complete a document describing each port and its purpose.

Looking at the Firewall Settings document (, it seems like there are a bunch of ports listed there that may not be relevant for my deployment.

TCP port 843 appears to be related to Flash, 943 and 4530 to Silverlight, and 3389 to RDP (not directly used by Photon).

Would it be correct to say that the only essential port I need to open up is 5055 (or whatever port I choose when running the server) for UDP?

EDIT: It seems that one additional UDP port is necessary for each game server when using the LoadBalancing app. Where can I find information to better understand the client capacity of each game server?

Many thanks for your assistance.



  • Tobias
    I updated the requirements page to list all ports (and offer some hint where they are used): ... ng_started

    Yes, absolute minimum with Lite, no Dashboard, no web clients: UDP 5055. With LoadBalancing: 5055, 5056, 5057 and TCP 4520.
    PhotonControl adjusts the Windows Firewall only. Everything else is up to your admins.

    > to better understand the client capacity of each game server?
    Capacity depends on your CPU usage and bandwidth and how the clients use up either. With default Lite you should be able to handle at least 1k concurrent users.