Creating rooms on Photon Android

We are new developpers to Android Photon,
We have successfully installed the server on a Windows Server 2008 R2,
Installed the demo Apk (realtime) on 2 separate Android devices and, after plugging in our IP, photon worked perfectly (YAY).
Now we want to build on top of Photon Lite and use the scripts given to us.
We do not know how to create Separate rooms. We understood there's a command called opCreateRoom, but peerLite did not have this method. How do we get this to work?
Thank you so much for your help,
Photon seems to be a great and powerful tool, excited to use it soon,
Best regards,
[email protected]


  • Unlike our LoadBalanacing solution, the Lite logic is not distributed across servers and we could use a simpler approach to getting into rooms:
    Join and Create are the same in Lite. The client simply attempts to join any room and if that is not existing yet, it gets created on the fly.

    If the room already existed, then certain parameters (like room properties) are ignored in the join request. This was too uncertain to use it in the LoadBalancing API and Photon Cloud, so we split create and join.
  • I'm trying to use your API for making game rooms for 2 players, by using the opJoinRandomRoom for the matchmaking. But the opJoinRandomRoom call is not working :
  • Check if it returns true, to be sure the operation was sent at all.
    If that's the case, the server will send a reply. OnOperationResponse can be used to log the response and get some insight what's wrong. A common issue is: No rooms available. In that case, use OpCreateRoom to .. create a room. The next user's OpJoinRandomRoom will not fail then.
  • Sorry, but for us to be able to better help you with that issue we need you to give us a more helpful and specific description of what exactly you mean with "is not working": Does it crash? Does it throw an exception? Does it match you into rooms into which it should not match you? Does it simply not match you also there are open rooms that match your criteria?

    Please also provide the relevant parts of your code, so that we can check, if your problem maybe has something to do with the parameters that you pass in.