How to set a proxy in PUN with Photon Cloud?

Hi everyone. First post here!

I needs to set a proxy in Photon Unity Networking, because I am trying execute the game in a private network in computer laboratories at my university.
I don't obtain to establish connection with Photon Cloud, once the proxy is blocking my communication with the server.
How could to set it in the PUN library? Or exists a similar solution?

Thank you!


  • You need some windows machine to run a local server (see requirements). The executables are in the Photon Server SDK here:
    When you're on that page, you can also download your personal 100CCU license (free). If you want to experiment with more users, let us know. We support educational projects!

    In worst case, your university is blocking connections between different machines in your laboratories. In that case, get in contact with your admins and explain them you need to use the ports listed in the requirements.