Begginer questions

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I found the Photon server/cloud while searching for alternative to playerio.
While playerio has hidden cost in bandwidth,which can go up to 5000$/month for a real time shooter, Photon server can have unlimitted ccu for just 99$.
This sounds amazing.
Now, the sending messages and serverside should be very similar to player io because both use C# as a language in serverside. I use as 3 and flashdevelop for client.
My questions.
1. How shall i save a userlist database+ Kongregate integreation? Playerio had simple users and kong integration
2. How will I save the game (online). PlayerIo has a BigDB a database online for this purpose.
3.GameFS will be on my server, but for photon Cloud there is an option to store the actual swf somewhere?
4. How will I receive payments in my game(Microtransactions). User pays with real money for coins in the game. With coins can buy premium items. Player Io has PayVault. How can I achieve this with Photonserver/cloud?
5.Partener share program. I develop a game and portals like kong, armor games host the game and promotes it but they demand % cut. is there any option so I know how much traffic/payment did my game receive from a specific portal?
6 Is there any good documentation online like this: I browsed the website and found none.

Thank you for answering my questions.


  • 1. ... rame-games <-- will give you the right direction
    2. The way you want... XML, Mysql, binary files. You are not bound to some Library in Photon. Go ahead create a own one or find one that suits your needs.
    3. Sry don´t know I don´t use Cloud.
    4. ... orders-api <-- will give you the right direction
    5. Well I think you need to deploy two different builds or at least do some tricky magic with the different API´s of the different Portals. However thy got their own "shops" and if a user buys something from your game with "kreds" from Kongregate they will know about it. You cant just buy stuff on Armor Games with "kreds" and give a % to Armor Games. And you can always use your Logfiles or track the items on a Database.
    6. Take a look at your SDK their is a Dokumentation. And you got also a short documentation in the sourcecode itself.

    Good luck with your first Photon App!
  • Hmm.. let me rephrase my questions:
    1. First thing i need to let a user register and log in. Does Photon server has something build-in or I need to provide my own implementation? Then it comes kongregate/facebook integration...
    2.Database integration. There is something build-in in photon? Or I need to do this on my own too? If i need to do on my own what is the best option? I am a completly noob in this area. My sql?
    2.1 So Mysql is a good option? What do you use and why? I basically need something to replicate playerIo BigDB. (Each player to be able to modify only it's own properties. Database cannot be modified by client only by server, query the DB)
    4. for paypal MTX I will need to do something like this:
    i found the docs in SDK ,yes thanks.
    One more question:
    7. For Photon Cloud it said that you cannot build custom server logic , this means that all the games that use PhotonCloud are hackable?
  • 1. No, you must provide your own implementation.
    2. No, there is no database connection build in. MySQL is popular - i think it won't be a bad choice, but I personally Use MS SQL on Windows Server - you need it anyway if you want to host Photon yourself.
    7. That is true. In Photon Clound the server is only passing messages and handling things like room maintenance. The game logic is on the client side, so it is hackable. If you want to have hack-proof games (like I do), you need to build your own custom server logic by extending basic Photon app and host it yourself. But maintaining game state on the server can be difficult and expensive, so it is not an option for all games.