Visible and open states of the cloud room

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Hi all,

Players joining room in the cloud do not see visible and open states of the current joined room. It returns false always. Only master player sees and can change it.

I'm using IOS cloud SDK.
On the version 3.0.3.x it was ok. All payers in the room could see and change visible and open states of the current room.
Starting with only master player can do it.

Is it intended change or bug?



  • This sounds like a bug. We will try to reproduce it.
  • Works fine for me with with both, C++ and objC clients and the loadbalancing demo for the SDK.
    Can you provide us with an reproduction case, please?
  • Steps to reproduce.
    Using objC demo provided with Changes made in the file

    1) [mLoadBalancingClient connect]; //removed ip address to connect to the cloud
    2) Set Cloud AppID in initWithOutputListener
    3) Add
    [mOutputListener writeLine:@JOINED: Room isOpen: %d isVisible: %d, mLoadBalancingClient.CurrentlyJoinedRoom.IsOpen, mLoadBalancingClient.CurrentlyJoinedRoom.IsVisible];

    to the end of joinRandomRoomReturn:

    4) Running on two devices: one creates, another joins game.
    Output on the second device is:
    JOINED: Room isOpen: 0 isVisible: 0
  • Please try to set mIsOpen to true in LoadBalancingRoom::initLoadBalancingRoom() and mIsVisible to true in MutableLoadBalancingRoom::initLoadBalancingRoom() and tell me, if it then works like expected again.

    This is maybe just an initialization issue, that is leading to wrong displayed values for these 2 booleans, when no client has ever set them in that room instance and they are still on their default values.
  • Hi again.
    The fix that I have described in the previous post will also be included in the next release.
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