New To Photon, Editor Connects, Standalone/Web does not

I'm an experienced developer, but new to networking.

Using Playmaker and Photon I've been able to get my Unity Editor-client to connect to the Photon network, create a room, and instantiate a player object successfully.

My next step is to connect two clients/players to this space, however this is where I have encountered trouble.

In both a Webplayer build and a Standalone build, the latter being on the same machine on which the Unity Editor can successfully connect, I am unable to initially connect to the Photon network.

I've read nearly all the documentation for the tools I'm using and was unable to identify the missing link, but I'm sure it's something very basic since I had so little trouble with the initial step. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Tobias
    Any output in the debug log? Are you using the Photon Cloud?