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I've looked at the tutorials on the website but is there any step by step guide to setting Photon up for Marmalade? The instructions say...
1. Add the entries Photon-cand Common-cto category subprojectsin your project's .mkb-file
2. Add the entries "../../Common-c,Common-c" and "../../Photon-c,Photon-c" (including the "")to category librarys in your
projects's .mkb-file
3. Add the entries ../../Common-cand ../../Photon-cto category librarypathsin your projects's .mkb-file
4. Add the following #include directive to your source-code:
But where do the Common-c, Photon-c folders go? Next to the mkb as well?

Also, I'm looking at writing a turn based multiplayer game where the turns could be quite a while apart. Imagine playing Chess with someone remotely and your next turn be waiting for you. Is Photon suitable for that and if so can anyone point me in the right direction?



  • Hi luggage.

    The lib folders should be in the same relative paths to you apps mkb like they are to the demo mkbs in the SDK.
    If you wish to have them stored at other paths, then you will have to adjust the entries in you mkb accordingly, so that it still can find them.

    Photon is primarily optimized for the usage with realtime games.
    This does not mean, that it won't also work fine for turn based games. In general realtime multiplayer is a lot more demanding than turn based multiplayer when it comes to the network solution and every solution, that works fine for realtime, will also work fine for turn-based.

    However please keep in mind that turn-based games much more often than realtime games tend to have matches lasting too long to get played in one session. Especially chess is known for matches, that can last for years.
    If the scenario of continuing a match in a later session is likely for your game, then please be aware, that Photon does not have any out of the box functionality to persist the state of a match. It will close and clean up the match after the last player has left the session.
    You would either have to store such inter-session match data locally on the client or to add a serverside logic for it yourself (integrating a database solution would also make a lot of sense in that case).
  • Hi Kaiserludi

    Thanks for the quick response - if we do decide to go with Proton it's nice to know support is prompt. Yeah, we'd be looking for the really long session times I think so we might have to have a look around or roll our own. Was hoping to avoid that!

    Thanks again.
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