Switching vehicles between players

I've never made a multiplayer game before and I'm SO grateful for how easy this is using Photon.

In my prototype: Players fly jets in a team deathmatch arena, and they can hijack and swap vehicles with other players at will [single player example of how this would ideally play]. I've been trying to build this in different ways for a couple days with multiplayer, but don't know how to practically set it up...
The PILOT is the player, and the JET needs to have a consistent position across all players in the room, but also needs to be controllable by one person at a time.

In this example, I PhotonNetwork.instantiate each player already in a vehicle:
You can see that when the player on the left falls in the water and dies, the player on the right's vehicle dissapears while he's in it- because that vehicle's photonView.owner is the player who died and left. So that didn't work.

The long and short of it is: How would I implement vehicles like this? Should they already be in the scene? Is there a way to switch photonView owners? I can't figure it out.

EDIT-- Thinking about it, I guess anything that has to stay consistent for everyone, but isn't attached to a player, would fall into this same category. Like NPC enemies. I bet there's an easy solution for this.