Turn-based multiplayer in Photon Cloud

Hey guys - first post, so go easy on me ;)

I'm about to start development on a small turn-based 2-player card game and I've been considering Photon Cloud. I did Flash AS3 development for years, with some experience in Java and C++, but this will be my first time delving into Unity, C#, networking and game development in general.

I've been trying to figure out how best to architect my game (especially without any server-side code) using Photon Cloud. An authoritative server would be nice, but I work locally on a Mac and don't plan setting up a Windows server for the Photon Server SDK anytime soon (if ever).

Any tips or advice on turn-based in the Photon Cloud? I'm assuming you let your Master Client handle all the game logic and communicate between the players w/ RPCs.

Right now, for my particular game, I've been thinking about making a robust event-based architecture for the whole project, and using RPCs to fire events from one client to another -- so for example, if Player 1 plays the action "draw a card", I'll fire the event "TriggerPlayer1DrawCard" locally and via RPC and both players trigger / handle the event. Does this make sense? Is this a stupid way to go about it? :?

Sorry for the long post - any and all advice is much appreciated! :D