RPC Event. Send gift

Hey everyone.

Im trying to create an event where one player presses a gui button which then sends something (a gift) to another player. I am using Playmaker.

So far I have the GUI button and when pressed it sends an item to the other player but for some reason it appears on both players screens even though the Exclude self box is ticked :S. You can then press the "gift" and it will disappear but for some reason you are now unable to send the gift again :(

So what I have is a Touch Gui event which on touch broadcasts an RPC FSM event. This sends a remote event named "Gift" (gift is also a global event) (See image 1)

Next I have a blank state with the "gift" as the transition event which then plays the animation (gift appearing on players screen) this has a "Finished" event that goes into a touch Gui event with touch began going to another animation of the gift disappearing. This animation the loops back to the blank state. (See image 2)

I know this isn't the best way of explain what I have done but I dont have code that I can copy and paste as I am using playmaker.

Hope someone can help me this is driving me mad.

All the best



  • Hi Will,

    I replied to your similar thread on playmaker Forum. Can you double check?

    Basically, you need to use a different action, namely "PhotonViewRpcBroadcastFsmEventToPlayer" which lets you select a player, as opposed to the action you currently use "PhotonViewRpcBroadcastFsmEvent" which sends to ALL or OTHERS typically.

    you can find more info on the right action to use here:

    and you can find the documentation for the demoWorker related fsm, where this action is used to implement the chat system:


    Hope this helps.