Real Time Reaction Mobile Game

Hi, i need some advise for mobile game development. I plan to do multiplayer game mini game series. Some of the game is reaction game so to make it fun the player will having the same scene and any input from one player will affect the other player scene. Example like network Pong, it not only involved network input and also network physics.

Actually i tried Photon for some time, but i haven't test it on any mobile platform. So i quite worry about the network performance on mobile device. Is there any best practice or guideline in order to success in mobile network game. ( I concern about synchronous mobile game and not the turn-based game).

Thanks if any advice provided.


  • Tobias
    The solution to fight lag depends a lot on the game you do. Physics and reaction-based input is probably one of the harder things to get right.
    I'm sorry but we don't have proper guides for that.
    In best case, you begin really early to experiment with lag hiding techniques. You can use the built-in lag simulation of Photon, so you don't have to run it on the client every time. Measure your PCs lag and add some simulated lag to get to ~300ms. Then experiment with lag hiding.

    You could try to send the input right away but execute it 100 to 200ms later locally. This makes the input travel to other players and will affect the local scene at about the same time as it does remotely.
  • Tobias, is there any existing game that using Photon and reaction-based input ? I just want to know is there any success game for reaction-based input game?
    Besides, I quite interesting on built-in lag simulation but i don't how to do it ? Is there any tutorial ?
  • Tobias
    We don't know anyone who tried this so far, so we don't have a proper reference for that. Might be a market niche.

    Lag Simulation:
    You can use the PhotonLagSimulationGui component or directly use the API as described here: ... simulation

    Hope this helps.