"Server Connection" error

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We have "Server Connection" error appears too much while playing the game. I tried to use the demo they made, and the same error appeared several times... the cases I noticed:

1- the first screen of the game when the player leaves it for some time and comeback and starts or joins a game.

2- when ending the game, especially when ending the whole game (ending the game at all players).

3- when you are at the game and no one sent any action for sometime.

And some other cases but these ones repeated many times.



  • Can you tell which server you connect to?
  • Thanks for the quick reply, Yes we're connecting to EU server, and we're registered under ayman.awartani[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • I think EU means app.exitgamescloud.com:4530. Loadbalancing demo chat works without disconnections for me when I use this server.
    Is it any difference if you try app-us.exitgamescloud.com:4530 or app-asia.exitgamescloud.com:4530?