Two Simple Questions

hello, I'm new to photon and networking games. I got some confusion with following concepts, please help!
1. What's the difference between PhotonTargets.Others and PhotonTargets.OthersBuffered? What does buffered mean?
2. A photonview has two observe options, reliable and unreliable. What's the difference?


  • Tobias
    1. Buffered means "stored on server for players joining later on". It basically makes sure new players get what you sent before they were there. Don't use this for everything, as new players get the RPCs and Instantiates (automatically buffered) on join and too much data might disconnect (e.g.) mobile clients.

    2. This defines how data is sent. Unreliable updates might get lost in the network but if the data is sent frequently, this doesn't affect the game. Reliable sent data can also get lost in the network but our libraries make sure it's repeated until it gets through! None of the updates are skipped, which could mean delay in case something is dropped. It also uses extra bandwidth.
    Prefer unreliable if possible (data is repeated anyways, like positions, etc).
  • tr1stan
    Got it! Thanks for the explanation.