Repeated disconnect from server when ping > 300ms


We have a development team in both the UK and South Africa, and both are connecting to the eu region photon cloud server. The team in the UK get ping values of about 50ms using wi-fi, and 180ms using 3GS, and experience no problems with the server in either case.

The team in South Africa however experience ping values of 300-400ms using wi-fi, and it seems that with this much latency the user keeps getting disconnected from the server every few seconds (in other words, every time we reconnect, it only takes a few seconds for the status to change from Connected back to Disconnected again).

Could you please clarify whether you think this is expected behaviour, and if so, whether there is any way to configure the connection to the photon cloud to not disconnect under these conditions? Unfortunately there is no way to get the latency down for users in South Africa, as the closest server is the eu one.

Any help would be much appreciated!



  • Tobias
    Which client SDK are you using? I assume Photon Unity Networking from the Asset Store? Which version?

    It seems like the conditions from South Africa are really bad, even through a wifi connection. No matter if I connect to the US or Asian servers, our connection doesn't time out so often or quickly.

    Do clients running in-Editor also disconnect so quickly?
    If not, maybe your clients are loading assets for a while but you didn't set isMessageQueueRunning to false while you do?
    If you encounter the disconnect in a room, then it might well be cause by the amount of data you get on join (many properties, instances, buffered RPCs and a lot of reliable synced values).

    We can't adjust the Cloud easily (too high timeouts are bad when we need to detect a true disconnect) but you could try some values in the client.
    Set PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.SentCountAllowance to 10. This makes the client repeat a single reliable command up to 10 times instead of 5 (default).

    You should also read this: ... isconnects

    I hope this helps.