Advice for game idea - is proton the right choice?

Hello everyone.

I am looking to create a game that uses photon server to send virtual gifts to other players and have a chat function.

The idea is that each player (this only needs to be 2 players no need for anymore) has its own avatar or virtual pet. They can only see there own avatar/pet on the screen but are able to interact with the other play over a network by sending messages (standard chat room chat) or by sending gifts which will appear on the other players screen as an animation of a present being opened.

Is this something that can be done with photon server? As I have noticed that all the tutorials, guides and help only explain how to make MMO style games or games where multiple characters can be seen in game on screen.

If this can be done any tips, pointers, tutorials or advice. anything that may help me, please send my way. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing your responses.