Can it be done?

Hello everyone.

First off I am a product designer and so not great with code. However I do use Playmaker and have made quite a few apps for ios now.

My latest project is to build a sort of chat room game. Where each player can see an avatar on their own screens but not anyone elses yet they can still chat and send each other gifts.

Gifts: Player sends a gift which will appear on the chosen players screen and set off an animation.

My question is... is this something that can be using photon network?

If so any pointers on which direction i should be looking?

Looking forward to your responses. Cheers



  • Tobias
    I can ask Jean, if he can give some "Photon in Playmaker" insights here when needed.

    High level: A chat with avatars and some form of interaction should not be too hard to implement. Playmaker will make this even easier.

    Photon does not persist any data like accounts or inventory. If that's needed, you will need to combine it with another middleware. You could also implement this with the Photon Server SDK but persistence is not available "out of the box".
  • Hi Tobias

    Thank you for your response. First of all who is Jean? Secondly when you say that there is a 'Middleware' required for persistence what do you mean by this? This is my first networking project that isn't like those in the photonserver tutorials so this term is new to me.

    Best regards

  • Tobias
    Jean is a colleague who worked on the Photon and Playmaker implementation. He knows much more about that, than I do.

    I was talking about middleware like ours but for other tasks. There are some frameworks / services you could use to store user data. Even if you implement most yourself, you're likely to use a DB abstraction layer, which is a kind of middleware, too.
  • Ok great.

    I was a bit confused as I thought that Photon was the middleware, but I understand you now. It is but you meant using another middleware.

    Any chance you could name a few? Networking is all new to me as none of my games have used it before so I am a bit clueless at this moment.

    Thank you

  • Tobias
    The names depend on what you actually want to solve yourself and the tasks you need middleware for.
    How about this: You learn with your project and when you understand what you don't want to implement yourself, then you ask for specific tools or solutions.
  • Thanks again for replying.

    I want to do as little as possible as this is just a concept that I want to test to see if it actually works and whether or not its a fun game to play.