SendMessage has no receiver!

Hello, i need help please...i have 1 script (catcher)
he catchs fire messages from weapon script , Then pass those messages to WeaponSync script...
So, i need to understand what's wrong, i have error below
    SendMessage syncKnife has no receiver! UnityEngine.GameObject:SendMessage(String) WeaponSync(Catcher)JS:Fire() (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/_CustomAssets/Scripts/Network C#/WeaponSync(Catcher)JS.js:31) UnityEngine.Component:BroadcastMessage(String, SendMessageOptions) $:MoveNext() (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/_CustomAssets/Scripts/WeaponSystem/WeaponScript.js:677) UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:StartCoroutine_Auto(IEnumerator) WeaponScript:LateUpdate() (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/_CustomAssets/Scripts/WeaponSystem/WeaponScript.js:264)


  • Tobias
    Maybe you are calling a method (RPC) with incorrect spelling? Are you sure "syncKnife" exists?
  • It works fine at unity 3.5, but now it has a error...yes, it exist in the other script, everything is
  • dreamora
    is the other script properly assigned and recognized by Unity?
    Perhaps the script contains something that no longer works causing that script to not properly compile and attach to the other game object (in that case the game object in the inspector shows a warning box instead of the real fields exposed by that script) in which case sendmessage will not be able to find it.