Noob problem about the scene

Hello, I have a basic (I hope) problem about the scene view.

Actually, I try to make all the players able to see the scenery of my level, but I don't want to sync those elements on the network.

Like a "local" scenery who is never changed. (like the native terrain)

Is it possible ? :?

(I use the viking demo files to build my own game)


  • dreamora
    yes thats possible and you would simply not use any networking for this but just place it in the scene.
    Networking should only be used and applied to those things that change or that need to communicate over the net
  • Ok thank you for the fast answer ! But I already tried without any network scripts, I placed some gameObject on the scene, but when I test it (photon cloud) the others players can't see their scenery, only the native terrain :|
  • dreamora
    Then it was not part of the scene that was included in their builds.
    Stuff thats placed in the scene or controlled by offline code thats not talking over the net will work independent of Photon. Its only a matter of all users having the correct version of the client.
  • Hmm.. I see, so it's about the build.

    Ok, thank you kind sir !