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Hi, I work with marmalade "6.2" and photon sdk "".
I am creating rooms for two players, and creating and joining is perfect, but when a third player gets the room list and checks the number of players that are in that room by getPlayerCount(), is always a value of 252.
What Is Causing This? no other way to know if the room is full? greetings and thanks.


  • Hi.
    I have not heard of this issue before.

    Could you check please, if its still reproducable with version
    (the API is identical to the one of, just internal fixes/improvements, so updating should be very easy) ...
  • Thanks for the reply. But the download version I realized that this is what I was using :S did not like to look bad version yesterday.
    Anything I can do to fix it from the code? if you want to send screenshots to an address for you to check the problem let me know. A greeting.
  • OK. We will try to reproduce this on Monday.
    All 3 players are Marmalde ones, correct? Is it reproducable with the demo from the SDK? If not, then please provide us with a reproduction case.
  • If, from the 3 players marmalade.
    With a player thinks the game and another to discharge the room list and call getPlayerCount () for that room will result in 252 (I found this value as a constant:
    static const nByte PLAYER_COUNT = 252
    in room.h)
    You can check from any code so you believe in a room and want to see how many players are in the hall by getPlayerCount () from another client. If necessary I'll have time Tuesday that prepare you an example.
    Thank you again.
  • Hi again.

    This build should fix your issue: ...
  • thank you very much ;)
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