Deploy_32 on Windows 2003 Datacenter

edited December 2010 in Photon Server
I've moved my deployment to a VPS and I couldn't get bin_Win32 to start. It was getting a "Entry Point - GetTickCount64 .....Kernal.dll" Error. I tried to use the bin_Win32xp and it actually worked just fine. My applications seem to be connecting to the server just fine. Not sure why the win_xp is working and not the bin_Win32. Any ideas?


  • The XP builds are for older versions of Windows in general, as XP and Win2003 are missing features introduced by Vista. That's why the xp build has to be used on 2003 and older systems.
  • By the way: which SDK version do you use? I wonder why "GetTickCount64" is in the log.
  • I understand. I am using the lastest version 2.2.2.