Server don't start

Liquide Blue
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I downloaded the demo server and i get a error message when i try to start the server as a application.

I started photon controler and rightclick it and i get
cant find proc. startadress in RegisterPowerSettingsNotification in dll file user32.dll

i downloaded dotnet 4 and installed it, i have also mono and unity installed.
I run win xp 32 sp 3.


  • The error sounds more like it is related to your OS than .NET or the server cause it has a problem with a function not found that XP potentially didn't even have.

    I guess you use the new SDKs RC not the old one? if so, I would recommend to report it
  • The RC SDK is not compatible with XP (we've been working on the build scripts when we released the files).

    Please use this download as "add on":

    Unzip next to the SDK's "bin_win32" folder an use this instead.
    The next SDK will have the XP build from the start on.
  • Got the same error on Windows 2003 server x64 SP2 when try to start x32 version of Photon

    The same situation with x64 version of Photon.

    This solution works with out any problem, but they are 32bit and I can't install x32 counters to x64 system.

    What benefits of using x64 version?
  • Boris
    Boris ✭✭
    The 64 bit version allows the server to use more than 2GB of RAM.
  • Boris wrote:
    The 64 bit version allows the server to use more than 2GB of RAM.

    This is clear by definition, what else?
  • The performance should be better in various ways but please don't ask me for specific values. In general, for a big world, more memory is very useful and saves a lot of DB and files access.