Get access to other player objects

I've been browsing through the API manual and I cannot tell if there is a simple way to get access to other player's instantiated PhotonViews. I would like for all clients to be able to get references to the other player objects for targeting purposes upon their own connection or other player connection. So far it seems like I need to perform this myself by looking for all GO's with PhotonView components and figure out which is which. Is this the only way?


  • dreamora
    no, you can add a monobehaviour on every game object with a photon view and make it register the view at a central manager
  • Tobias
    We do have a list of PVs but so far, we don't allow public access. We have to think about the idea.
    Do you need local player's GOs or per player?
  • Hi Tobias, I'm using Dreamora's approach for now (Thanks Dreamora!). It would be convenient to have access to per-player information, but not necessary. Local player GO's are easy because I instantiate them.