The disappearance of the object at bad connection

I use
[code2=csharp]PhotonNetwork.Instantiate (PrefName, Pref.position, Quaternion.identity, 0);[/code2]
to create an object network

Sometimes on IOS devices created object disappears (on PC works fine). Disappear immediately all clients. I understand through the problems with unstable connects as fires OnDisconnectedFromPhoton ().
Apparently lost connection just a few milliseconds, so-as other applications work fine. Average Ping 50-55. After the break - 300.
It would not be scared, if connection was lost for a longer time.

Can I do something about it (for example, placing an object in a scene frozen until the user is reconnected) or need to use RPC calls to create objects for each client and correspondingly checks the connection manually?



  • I'm not entirely sure if I understand this correctly.
    So you use PUN (Photon Unity Networking) and your clients disconnect sometimes when they are instantiating game objects?

    Could it be you load a scene at about the same time on all clients?
    Then read "Timing for RPCs and Loading Levels": ... #_messageQ

    How many game objects is each client creating?
  • Yes, i use PUN and instantiate game objects. I have 2-3 clients and each creates 2 objects.

    Everything works fine for a while. But sometimes the creation of the object disappear during the game. This can be 2 minutes after creation, can be 10 minutes. Disappear, not all objects, but only of a one client.
    I think the problem is in the WiFi connection, as the problem is only on mobile devices.

    Sorry for my English.

  • When a client disconnects, then all created GOs are usually deleted. From the server's cache at least, so new client won't get the items of players who already left/disconnected.
    You will have to check if you can reduce number of objects and content of updates you send, so that the wireless clients get a more stable connection.