ViewID does not exist (but it does)

carmine ✭✭
I'm getting an error about receiving and RPC for a view ID 1000. It says it doesn't exist. But I can easily see it on my object AND the number is 1000.

This happens pretty consistently, for instance.

- Player makes room, then makes object
- game ends.. back to menu (leave room)
- Player makes room again, makes object

Basic result is that even though both players are seeing the object have ViewID 1000 and the correct owner... no talking back and forth is working (serializing, RPC etc.)

If I stop the game in unity and start it again, the problem is gone... but I can easily duplicate it.

Please advise.



  • Tobias
    Your players go to the lobby when they leave the room?
    Do you join an existing room, when player left and joins again?
  • I'm getting this error too. Received RPC for viewID but this PhotonView does not exist!
    I spent a few days to find out a solution. Error happens when:

    - Player1 create a room
    - Player2 join the room
    - Player1 send RPC with PhotonTargets.All and Player2 joined but not yet Instantiated his PhotonView
    - Player1 gets error that Received RPC for its viewID but this PhotonView does not exist. But it is exist.

    So I use PhotonTargets.Others to avoid this error. But I don't understand why this error appears with PhotonTargets.All ?
  • Tobias
    You have to pause the message queue when you need to initialize or load the scene first. This gives you time where no RPCs are called.

    This hopefully helps: ... #_messageQ