My character customization is not quite working.


I have built an avatar system and I am sending the data required to create the avatar over the network via instantiation data.

But when player A creates a red shirt and pants, when player B instantiates he is also wearing a red shirt and pants also :(:(

While player B creates a blue shirt and shorts, when player A instantiates he is also wearing a blue shirt and shorts.

I am obviously confused here :oops:

Both are using the same mesh as a prefab - how do I say to Photon that only player A must wear red shirt and pants and player b must only wear blue shirt and shorts. I thought this happened in OnPhotonInstantiate - receive texture info - make texture - apply to SkinnedMeshRenderer material found in the children of the prefab.

Am I right in that when a prefab is instantiated then the mesh is an instance and as unique.

Please help?


  • Tobias
    I think we have minimal customization in our Photon Viking Demo in the Asset Store. Each Viking gets a hat, axe or neither.
    I'm not sure if you can simply change the texture. On creation, the instances are looking the same, for sure but you should be able to assign an individual texture. Maybe the object instances use the same reference and thus all update?