Adding Photon to the Ultimate FPS Camera. Where to start?

Hi. I am trying to create multiplayer FPS in unity3d using photon as my server solution. I purchased the Ultimate FPS Camera by visionpunk but I'm not quite sure how to convert it into a multiplayer script with photon. Any advice on how do do this would be appreciated.



  • I never used that FPS Cam but for cameras in general, you want to make sure each player controls only one for the owned character.
    This is done in the Marco Polo tutorial. Maybe this helps: ... 0Tutorials
    Let us know if it helped or how you solved your case.
  • I imported the marco polo project into my scene and added some of it's scripts in. Then I added a photon view to my FPS player prefab and I am getting very strange results. It works fine when one player is playing but when another joins weird things begin to happen. When one player moves his camera the other one also does. Do you know how I could fix that?
  • I know exactly what you are talking about. I found out first hand when I created the Marco Polo Tutorial.
    Read "Fight for Control" (or even better: the full tutorial): ... 0Tutorials
    The problem is that you have more than one cam script when you instantiate multiple players with those scripts on them.