Global hosting centers

Are those new Global hosting centers supported by Unity plugin?


  • If you extend the plugin to integrate your own logic, then for sure.

    PUN is nothing but a niceness API on top of the Unity DotNet SDK, there is no limit to what you can do with it, you will just need to dive into the code a tiny bit :)
  • For starters, just change the server url in the PhotonServerSettings file (in project, used by ConnectUsingSettings()).
    This lets you use any of the urls from the mail.
    To switch the region in-game, you will have to come up with a dialog or algorithm to do so and you might simply replace ConnectUsingSettings with the method this calls internally.
  • Tobias,
    I tried to change the server address, but now I get this error:

    Authentication failed: 'No connections allowed on region US.' Code: 32756

    When I log into my account I notice it says region "Europe" but I don't see how to change that either.

    Also, how do we let the game client "ping" the addresses? Does it just happen on it's own when I use connect? Or is this something i need to code to have it hit every region.


  • First: I wouldn't ping all regions, unless the user really can't decide by herself. Picking the server closest to your location should not be a big thing.
    Aside from this, you could connect to each master in turn and wait a few seconds until the RTT is more or less stable. Check: PhotonNetwork.GetPing(). If you do, cache the result / picked location.

    We didn't modify existing subscriptions but you can simply "Change Plan" in the dashboard and pick any new subscription. When you do, all regions will become available and the error should no longer happen.