PUN vs Photon.Net SDK Unity

I need information on using PUN vs the .Net SDK for Unity? PUN looks more like Unity style, but I have used the .Net SDK before in Windows Phone and Windows 8. So I guess I should be using the .Net SDK. However I just wanted opinion from people who have used one or the other.


  • PUN is intended to make ports from the Unity built-in networking to Photon as easy and as little work as possible. Therefor it wraps an API similar to Unitys built-in-networking around the normal Photon Unity Client SDK.

    - If you have a game that already has working multiplayer with Unity built-in networking and you now want to switch that multiplayer part to Photon, then that speak a lot for using PUN.
    - If your developers have a lot of experience with Untiy built-in networking, but non with Photon, this also speaks for PUN.
    - If you prefer a solon, thats more caring about ease of use than about maximum flexibility, then go with PUN.

    - If you need more adjustability to custom needs of your game than PUN can offer and if you accept to have an API that differ more from the one of Unity built-in networking and is more complex than PUN, then go with the normal Unity Client SDK.
    - If you already have used Photon on some other client platform before, if you want to port a Photon powered game from another platform to Unity, if you want to be able to port the code from Unity to other platforms later, or if you are developing for multiple platforms from the beginning, then the normal Photon Unit SDK will be the better option.