Forum Retirement. Becoming read-only.


Hey Everyone,

After many dedicated years of service, we have made the decision to retire this Forum and switch to read-only. So you can still access and reference existing posts.

Instead, we will be dedicating our resources to our Photon Discord Server. Simply click the "Join Photon Channel" button on the Photon Dashboard at

Our Discord offers

(i) forum channels to get support for all our Photon products and

(ii) discussion channels for real-time conversations with fellow community members.

As a transitional measure, we are implementing a cooling-off period until the 1st of May, during which you can continue to post responses in existing threads. Following this date, the forum will be completely locked and transition to read-only mode.

If you're looking for even higher levels of support from the Photon Core Team, we invite you to explore our Circle membership options:

- Gaming:

- Non-Games:

For additional contact methods, please visit our support page:

The Photon Team


  • qNaN
    edited April 2023

    IMO it is a bad idea. From being on your Discord (I don't have much experience with it), I find it hard to search and find old topics. I can see the value for quick response, but it gets hard to research in the body of content.

    Also, I believe Google will not work, and therefore searching through google, which is still the easiest way to get information when researching, will be disabled.

    Since your documentation is so sparse and serious Fusion developers will need to crawl through the often extremely complex code of the examples, it does not help much, that the historical community contributions are not available. In effect, the help earlier provided on specific problems could add to the documentation of the system.

    Instead of retiring the board, you should find a way to pull the topics out of Discord and transfer them to the forum for easy searchability.

    IMO the forum is minimum as important as Discord, if not more.

  • Tobias

    It is a tough decision but we think it would be good to bring the community back together in one place which can be used for quick discussion and as forum.

    We plan on extracting more questions from Discord and it's forum to bring them to the docs. We should probably also do a pass through the forum to improve the docs.

    Thanks for the feedback and hopefully, Discord Forum proves to be the useful resource we'd expect it to do. Hope to see you there.