How to Build a WiFi LAN between PC and Hololens through Mobile Hotspot?


Hello everyone!

I have activated a mobile hotspot, and my PC is connected to this hotspot. The displayed IP address is

Then I built the PhotonServer v5 server on this PC

Then, in the Unity project, establish a connection with PhotonServer using PUN。

Running this project on this PC shows successful connection to the server。Then, I opened Hololens and connected to the mobile hotspot. The IP address assigned to the hotspot is。Then, I publish the project to run on Hololens。However, when I published the project to Hololens, I was prompted that the server connection failed!The error prompt is as follows:

Receive issue.State:Connected.Server:'' ErrorCode:10054 SocketErrorCode:ConnectionReset Message:Connection reset by peerSystem.Net.Sockets.SocketException(0x800004005):Connection reset by peer at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(...)

Then, on the PC, I used the ping command to ping, prompting for a timeout request

Excuse me, isn't the hotspot on the phone connected to the PC and Hololens on the same network? How to solve this problem? thank you!


  • chvetsov

    hi, @gandalf

    I'm sorry to say that we can not support you here. we just do not have such an expertise. It looks like firewall work. You have to check HoloLens documentation