OnRegionListReceived is never triggered when ConnectUsingSettings on WebGL


I have this issue with the OnRegionListReceived event never getting triggered when ConnectUsingSettings on WebGL.

The event works well on the Unity editor, as expected.

Some additional details:

The working code:

>> client.AddCallbackTarget(this);

>>  client.StateChanged += OnStateChange;

>>  client.AppId = _appId;

>>  var appSettings = PhotonServerSettings.CloneAppSettings(PhotonServerSettings.Instance.AppSettings);

>>  appSettings.AppIdRealtime = _appId;

>> client.ConnectUsingSettings(appSettings);


Without the regions list I can't to know where to connect. IO'm looking for the best region ping.

Thanks in advanced.


  • Unity version: 2021.3.12

    Quatum core DLL: 2.1.4, Branch 2.1/develop (b80c8eb0a)

  • From web console:

    This is the last event I get: OnStateChange PeerCreated -> ConnectingToNameServer

  • Give it some time. Does it timeout? Or is there no other callback??

    Is this on WebGL? Do you host on https? If you do, select transport Websocket Secure or you can't connect (as the page is hosted as secure and you need to use WSS)...

  • juliodutra
    edited April 24

    Hello Tobias.

    Answering your questions:

    No, it don't timeout. And, there is no other callback. I put lots of verboses for all other callbacks but I get nothing from there.

    Yes, It is webgl. I'm currently testing in a react server locally in my PC with no SSL. I'm testing it with both websocket and wss.

  • Continued in other channels. Closing this.

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