OnPhotonSerializeView Not Getting Called


Our game uses the OnPhotonSerializeView observable for all of our moving units. I am having an issue where sometimes everything works well, stream send/receive is good and everyone's happy. But most of the time I am having the following issue...

When the host owns the view the stream.receive call happens normally but none of the clients get the callback. When the client owns the view then the send/receive happens normally. I debugged the IDs when the client owns the view and they all look good.

Any clues what may be going on?

The code is simply a modified template of the standard OnPhotonSerializeView call and the Sync mode is UnreliableOnChange.


  • Tobias

    That doesn't ring a bell, no.

    The object and scripts are properly enabled on all clients?

    Any errors / warnings in the log on either side?

    The observable scripts are also in the observed list for both clients' PhotonViews?