Disconnect server timeout


Whenever something heavy loads in my game for a customer of mine, he will get a timeout disconnection.

I tried setting up some codes, such as:

         PhotonNetwork.KeepAliveInBackground = 60000000;

         PhotonNetwork.MaxResendsBeforeDisconnect = 50;

But the issue still happens to him, and if I set isMessageQueueRunning = false while a big load happens and enable it after the load is finished, he will then get disconnected. And this can happen just from putting the graphics from Low to High Quality per example. Anyway to solve this issue?

I already read this:


Not sure what else to do.

Many thanks!



  • The KeepAliveInBackground should be the setting that helps here. It keeps sending ACKs to the server.

    As you read that doc: Is there a lot of network traffic? Which platform is this?

  • Thank for your reply Tobias!

    I solved by spreading the load/instantiation of objects through a period of time.

  • Thanks for the update!

    Yes, it might be necessary to do that. Or temporarily set a higher KeepAliveInBackground value. This only works for non-WebGL though (as that lacks threading).