Voice 2 WebGL not listened

edited March 2023 in Photon Voice

Unity: 2021.3.16f1

PUN Realtime: 2.41

Voice 2: 2.51

Randomly, one of the users is not listened. We are testing multi-platform: Android + WebGL. Between two Androids this never happen, nor between Android and Unity Editor, just when a WebGL is connected.

We guess that speaker is not being linked correctly. Speaker.IsSpeaking is returning true, because speaker icon is shown, but the user is not listene.

The surprising fact is that only happens with the WebGL version, y we are completely lost because our code y exactly the same.

Does anyone else have this issue?

We have manage to reproduce it in the Voice 2 example, after one reconnection.

Not directly related, by sometimes this messages is shown:


Example DemoVoice2UI (WebGL):

  1. Connect users A and B.
  2. Disconnect connection of A or B (switch off wi-fi)
  3. Re enable connection.
  4. When it is connected to the server...
  • A is listened by B, OK.
  • B is not listened by A, KO

Update: only happens when A is Chrome on Mac (cannot reproduce on Safari Mac)