Custom Authentication not passing the parameter from unity code to my custom server.


Hello there.

First of all, my problem is that what matter I changed the AuthenticationValues' parameter while I start the game it still passing the data that I defined on website..

I'm new in Photon,, so recently I researched a lot of the tutorial of how to using Photon Fusion with Custom Authentication. But seems like it is so hard to find the informations..

Still, I tried out to make a server that using my personal computer and write a php code for photon cloud authenticate.

Here is my php code on server for authenticate testing:

And this is the code that I edit in Unity :

And the Custom authentication config in photon application cloud :

As you can see the paramter is not match to php so as far as I know the authentication must be failed... However, it succeed.

And while I modified the cloud config value, even if the id and password in Unity code I matched with php code still got no success response...

So I just think that the parameter data which defined at Unity code will be replaced by the data on website while through photon cloud server.

Could anyone tell me how to use this correcelty?