"Wrong game Id used to create/join game (32737) " how to fix?

I am developing game construct 3 using the photon plugin available for construct.

Everything was working , I had to take a break from my game for few months.

Now when in start my game , I get the following error.

"Wrong game Id used to create/join game (32737) " and the game server closes connection.

I read about this and it seems to be a new error/authentication introduced in photon5.

However, I was not able to fix this issue.

  • ExpectedGameCheckFailure: 32737, it means the join operation failed because the client did provide the right expected GameId/RoomName provided by the MasterServer and encrypted in the auth token. This requires GameServer setting "TokenCheckExpectedHostAndGame" to be enabled.

Please suggest on how i can fix this error


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
    edited March 2023

    Assuming you use the JS SDK, maybe an update to the latest release helps.

    It it doesn't, I think we could use a repro case for this. Please send a download link or a link to a page running the version to: [email protected]. Make sure to name the SDK, versions you use and the AppId.