Photon voice not trasmitting both players

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Hello everybody,i am having a bug with photon voice2,i set up it but when i eneter a room with 2 players inside just the master-client can talk,while the other no.

How can i solve the problem?

I don't know if this can help,the "XROrigin" is the master-client who is speaking and can be listened over the network,while the "XrOriginClient" is the other player who can listen the master-client but can not speak.

In the speaker of the master-clienton the audio source there is an AudioClip called "UnityAudioOut",while in the voice AudioClip of the other player there is nothing (from the image you can not see but i cheacked).


  • Greetings. I responded in my discord as well, but Wanted to answer here too to help anyone else who comes across this.

    1. Avoid having your XR Origin as part of your player. If the other players don't need to see it, there is no reason to have it be the player. What I do, is the XR Origin is already in the scene. Then I have a seperate prefab act as my 'Player Avatar'. It gets instantiated when I connect to the room, and if its mine, I make it a child of my Main Camera (which is a child of the XR Origin. My 'Player Avatar' also has the Network Transform on it.
    2. My scene has a 'VoiceManager' game object on it, with a 'Photon Voice Network' (which i think is called something else now) component, and a 'Recorder' component (make sure 'Transmit Enabled' is on for your 'Recorder). You can see in my youtube video here at 2:16 this setup.
    3. Your 'Player Avatar' will need a 'Photon Voice View' component on it. You can see in my youtube video here at 3:46 my setup.
    4. Your 'Photon Voice View', make sure the 'Use Primary Recorder' box is checked. You'll need to create a Gameobject as a child of your 'Player Avatar'. Add the 'Speaker component to this gameobject. Then drop this gameobject into the 'Speaker in Use' property of the 'Photon Voice View'.
  • This is a little paint of the problem i have,imagine that the rows are the voices of the players

  • I think that the problem is that when i am the master-client the voice connector doesn't manage to create a speaker to link the audio,also if i drag a speaker prefab in the voice connector before running the game.

    How can i solve the problem?