question about "Realtime premium + plugins"

I have been told there is a product, which doesnt seem to be mentioned anywhere on the photon site, which is called realtime premium which has a plugins feature.

I understand that plugins can be used to host the game server side logic, so you dont have to build, deploy and manage your own game servers.

However, plugins can only react to room based events (joining, leaving etc).

I am looking to see if photon has any server side game logic hosting, e.g. for a simple bingo game where the balls are called, and bingo calls validated, server side.

This would require a long lived process for each game, to manage timer events and balls being centrally called, in order to then send information to each player in that game.

I assume this cant be done with realtime + plugins, due to the limitation that plugins can only hook into room events (joining leaving rooms), and not manage timers and actions for a game. Games are independent of rooms - there may be lots of people in the room lobby, but only a small number will go into a game.

Is there another option?


  • What you call game, we call room. In a room, players who play the same match / game, can interact.

    Running some logic per room is done via Server Plugin. You can develop and test it locally, then you can either host Photon Servers or subscribe for an Enterprise Cloud, where we run some servers for you and you can deploy the plugin. Bingo and other games can be done this way easily. Just make the client and server communicate via RaiseEvent and events.

    We don't run custom logic on shared machines, as we can't sandbox those entirely (partially due to .Net).

  • Thanks, this is helpful.

    Presumably, the enterprise cloud has a number of load balanced servers.

    if say 50 users are connected to server A, and 50 to server B, can all 100 connect to the same (bingo) game?

    what are the limitations in terms of CPU/Mem for a game? PResumably its a percentage of a single servers resources (so finite)?

  • An Enterprise Cloud is setup per title / company. It has exactly the number of servers you define in the regions we can offer and you pick. We can chime in but ultimately it's custom to your requirements.

    Tousands of connections can go to the same machine and in theory, most of them can be in the same room (e.g. a bingo match). We do not offer rooms being synced across multiple physical machines.

    Performance depends on the game logic.