does the "cost per connected user" pricing of photon realtime penalise simple games?

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If you develop a game like WoW or fortnight you pay per connected user (e.g. $185/m for 1000) to host the entire game. Thats very cheap for the massive amount of server side computation including physics, hit boxes, maps, words, object inventories, lag mitigation, voice and chat etc.

If you develop a simple multiplayer game, such as poker or bingo, the server side logic and processing is absolutely tiny, but you pay the same as an MMO. I.e you use a fraction of the hosted service side CPU and memory, and maybe half of the features.

This would appear to be ludicrously unfair?


  • hi, @nutmix

    first, it is not possible to host games like WoW and fortnight in public cloud. such games go to Enterprise (personal) clouds with special prices.

    if you are indie studio, you could write to [email protected] with request. I assume you will be able to negotiate about prise.



  • Tobias
    Tobias admin

    The Photon Cloud servers don't run any game specific logic. Enterprise Servers do. So there is no drawback for simpler games, as complex games need to run on different machines.