Question | display the bulletholes to everybody

how can i make that if i'm shooting, and there is bullethole that instantiating, the bulletholes will be display to everybody, and not just for me?
i mean, how can i make that the other players will be able to see the bulletholes that i created?


  • Tobias
    You send the shot to the other players, I assume. This should be enough info to replicate the bullet holes as well.
    Just make sure you create a hole for every shot someone else does.
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  • Tobias
    Please don't UP your posts. If you don't get the help you wanted, rephrase your questions and use your imagination about what has been said before.
  • carmine
    Whenever you fire a bullet. Do not use PhotonNetwork.Instantiate. ONLY use that for actual characters and long lasting things.

    For bullets.. use an RPC... Whenever a player hits fire, send an RPC to OTHERS telling them to make a bullet.

    So basically
    - Use PhotonNetwork.Instantiate to make your character so everyone knows about them
    - Whenever your character does something other than move or rotate.. if they fire, cast a spell, etc. use an RPC on a script on them to tell everyone they did an action.