Is it possible to have a NetworkObject spawn immediately in Runner.SimulationUnityScene?


It may be mistranslated because I use a translator. please understand.

I'm using Zenject which is a DI framework.

I want to use the Multi-Peer mode provided by Fusion, but there are some inconveniences.

When a Prefab is instantiated by Runner.Spawn, the ZenAutoInjecter component will find the Scene Context and inject dependencies.

Prefabs instantiated by Runner.Spawn are placed in the active scene and then moved to Runner.SimulationUnityScene.

This causes instantiated prefabs to inject dependencies from the scene context belonging to the active scene rather than from the scene context belonging to the Runner.SimulationUnityScene.

Is it possible to add the ability to spawn on the fly as a Runner.SimulationUnityScene in the Runner.Spawn function?