Create BoltProtocolTokenRegistry.asset failed

I have some custom tokens working with Bolt. When I try to click in the menu "PhotonBolt/Protocol Tokens Registry", a pop up message asked if I want to create a new Protocol Token Registry. I chose yes, then the following error appears.

What should I do about it? Thank you!

"UnityException: Creating asset at path C:\Developer\UnityProjects\CardGame\Assets\Photon\PhotonBolt\resources\BoltProtocolTokenRegistry.asset failed.

Photon.Bolt.Editor.CustomInspector.BoltProtocolTokenRegistryEditor.Open () (at <a37002678d8048b8969211d8919f7377>:0)



  • There's also a warning after clicking "yes".

  • This is how I import the new version:

    1 Use Package Manager to import everything I could in 1.3.2 version.

    2 Deleted Plugins/JsonDotNet.

    3 Still encountered some compiling errors(which is solved after re-open the project later). So deleted the whole Assets/Photon directory.

    4 Use Package Manager to import only Photon directory, nothing under Plugins, Packages, Scenes, Gizmos.

  • The explanation was very helpful, thanks the backrooms!

  • Please note, this is how I encountered the problem, not a solution!

    Now it seems the problem has nothing to do with the steps I did. In a new project it still got this error.