Create Room operation failed with code: -39

Hi, please help me thank you! My game used Bolt and worked well all the time, but today when I tried to create a room, the debug log says "Create Room operation failed with code: -39" can't find the meaning of this error code

P.S. I'm in China, and I have to use VPN to work with Bolt. It worked well all the time until today. I'm sure the VPN works.


  • Is Bolt still in maintenance and not working?

    I used 1.3.0 version Bolt SDK, should I just wait or do anything to fix it?

  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
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    Check if you use a 20 CCU Free Subscription. If so, make sure to set the Max Players for creating rooms <= 20. We recently needed to introduce a new limit to close a loophole that became security relevant.

    Bolt v1.3.2 is the latest and it may be the newest one for a while as we don't plan major new features for it. It will continue to work with the Photon Cloud.