Custom authentication failing for dedicated server build


I am using custom authentication via PlayFab and having issues with the dedicated server not being able to start a game due to authentication failing.

I've unchecked 'Allow anonymous clients to connect, independently of configured providers' but this shouldn't the server, should it?

Here's what I have tried so far and the results:

AuthValues is left blank: Failed with reason : CustomAuthenticationFailed (AuthenticationType 'None' not supported)

AuthValues set to an initialized AuthenticationValues() with AuthType set to Custom: Failed to parse token from request (because there is no user/token set)

Someone on Discord suggested to login the server as a player, using the PlayFab client SDK, to retrieve an auth token that can be passed in the StartGameArgs. But this is a messy approach that might cause issues with our new player automations and analytics.

Is there another way to authenticate a server in this scenario? Or ideally bypass authentication, as we should be trusting the server anyways?


  • WARdd
    WARdd ✭✭

    A server does have to authenticate, otherwise you could end up with hackers setting up fake servers for your game. If that doesn't concern you than you might as well allow anonymous players.

    I don't know how PlayFab works, but I'm guessing they have a server SDK apart from a client SDK, for that purpose. But yes, it's also possible it expects servers to log in as a special kind of player, you might want to ask on forum dedicated to playfab too;