Idle Player In Lobby


I am using Photon Engine for a multiplayer lobby system. I am searching idle players on lobby, but couldnt find a proper solution. Is there a simple method on PhotonNetwork library?

Otherwise, i will store user's logon time and reset it after creating or joining room actions. When it exceedes after some time, i will disconnect that player. But I prefer a better logic if it exists on Photon :)

Thanks for help.


  • Saw this was left unanswered like probably 99% of the posts using PUN. Probably outdated etc but I still like using it. I assume you've already made your own idle player manager because no pun2 does not have one.

    Happy coding!

  • @Fauyeti, very constructive.

    @rahadinabak, you could simply build your clients to disconnect when there is no input, right? Then you don't have to detect inactivity. Customizing and running your own servers to have this as a centralized feature doesn't sound effective for me. Let me know more, if I am missing the point.