Photon Voice Region? UWS not available

In my test app I just enabled Photon voice but when I run the game it gives me an error:

 Operation 230 response error code 32756 message Cloud industries / Region usw is not available.

I'm not explicitly setting a region in the server settings at all - how do I specify a region for Voice? Why isn't it picking up a valid region automatically?


  • I recent Photon Voice SDK should pick up the region from whatever PUN found as best region.

    If you use a "gaming" AppId for PUN and an "industries" AppId for Voice, then PUN might select regions that are unavailable for the industries apps.

    Once a region was selected, PUN will store this as best region and re-use it. If you run this in the Editor, it also sets a "Dev Region", which is also sticky. Those might also point to USW. Maybe you did this before switching to industries...

    Check your PhotonServerSettings and you can reset those values. Check both used AppIds in the Dashboard and if needs be, set the same Region Whitelist for both AppIds.

    Voice should not use a different region than PUN, usually.