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I know that the main difference between both Cloud and Server is who hosts the server, one is hosted for exite games other one is hosted whenever we want.

But I got some questions about the features between them.
Things like:
1) Are they both cross platform, being able to connect a mobile with a web user for instance?
2) Do they both work as peer to peer like or they are Server Client structure?
3) Is there any login system in both?
4) Do they have database to save data or it should use an exteranl DB?
5) Any other feature that the deal differently?

Thank you in advance,


  • Directly to your questions:
    1) Yes, absolutely.
    2) Photon is always a star architecture with the server forwarding messages. Never Peer 2 Peer.
    3) Neither knows accounts. You can combine it with existing communities easily (because it doesn't have accounts) or you could build your own with the server SDK.
    4) Photon doesn't impose a DB on you. Pick any you know, like and which suits your game. A C# api for integration into the Server should be available for most.
    5) On the Cloud, we run many separate games (as in "title") per server. The LoadBalancing app from the SDK skips this part, as it complicates the code you would have to work with. Aside from that, the workflow is the same for clients. Of course with the SDK you add custom server logic, which is actually what we built Photon for in the first place.
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