Is this forum dead?

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Is this forum being checked by official photon developers?

Is there a better place to reach out for answers?

Do paid users have separate support?


  • I was thinking the same... I figured out that there are 621 unanswered questions at the moment of writing this and they are dating since 2017 till now... Not cool. How am I going to pay for the premium or continue using this if nobody is responding to questions for the last 6 years?

    Such a shame, because it is a good base for the plugin, yet as I go deeper I keep finding bugs and problems and no one seems to care to help users that they can make money on.

  • This forum is very alive and checked by official Photon developers on a daily base.

    However this is a community forum and support by official developers is not guaranteed.

    When you take that into account, only 621 unanswered questions out of 12600 since 2017 isn't that much.

    Some of those unanswered questions in fact simply got answered through other support channels, some others are not really about Photon and some simply got overlooked, but the person who asked never came back, so that the suitable developer to answer the question at hand probably thought that he already found a solution himself.

    If you are a paying user and need guaranteed support, you can always just write us an email (see

    As you can see on the aforementioned link, there is also a community Discord-server. Aside from that there is also a dedicated Discord server for Circle members with more extensive support by our official developers.

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