Is there a feature in PhotonChat to force other users to unsubscribe?



I want to create a team with a limited number of people using PhotonChat.

I would like to limit the number of subscribers by "MaxSubscribers" and the order of participation is such that when a user joins, he/she can send a message with a UNIX timestamp that he/she has joined and the subscribers will be able to see it.

There is one problem here.

I would like to force users to unsubscribe if they want to unsubscribe because I have set a limit on the number of subscribers.

Otherwise, the next user will not be able to subscribe due to the limit.

I want to force users to leave if they are harassing or annoying.

Is it possible to do this in PhotonChat?

I think "Room" in PhotonRealTime has such a function, but I am asking because I am not able to use the "Room" function this time for my own reasons.

Thank you.